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A group of students from Emerson Magnet in Westerville are embarking on a
once in a lifetime opportunity to meet their Chinese Pen Pals in Hangzhou, China. Your
support would help the students be immersed in the Chinese culture that they have
been studying for three years. Our Pen Pals traveled from Hangzhou in the summer of
2017 and stayed with Westerville families for two weeks to experience American
culture. They have invited us to their city, to be immersed in Chinese culture. We will
travel in July, 2018 to Hangzhou, Beijing, and Xi’an. We will stay with host families in
Hangzhou while attending Chinese-American school to experience the culture first hand
with our Pen Pals. Traveling by high speed train, we will take a historic walking tour of
old Beijing, tour the Great Wall of China, experience Tiananmen Square and
Terra-Cotta Warriors. Throughout the trip we will continue to practice the Chinese
language and learn about the culture and customs

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